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Uncle Louie G's Selection of Italian Ice & Ice Cream Treats in Citrus County Florida
Uncle Louie G's Frozen Ice & Ice Cream in Citrus County Florida


Think back to 1959, in Brooklyn, New York. Close your eyes for just a minute and imagine yourself in the old neighborhood. It is summertime and the temperatures are soaring.

Someone has opened the hydrant and all the kids from within a 3 block radius are all running to get their turn in the cool stream of water.  From stickball on the street to sitting on the stoop, out of all the memories, the one treat, the “treat of all treats”, the taste that made summer what it was, in all it’s sweet goodness was Italian Ices.  Remember when that’s all it took to make everything OK in the world, despite the heat.

As the years passed, the old gang continued to gather around Louie G’s stoop and young Louie G became known as Uncle Louie G. You see, as word spread about Louie G and his homemade Italian Ices & Ice cream, visiting Louie G became a part of the summer day, and he became part of Brooklyn’s family. In time, the neighborhood kids took to calling him Uncle Louie G as a sign of respect and affection. And as those kids grew and had kids of their own, well, it wasn’t long before he was all of Brooklyn’s Uncle Louie G. As demand for his Italian Ices and Ice Cream grew, Uncle Louie G decided to open a scoop shop to accommodate the throngs of people clamoring for a taste of his treats. And to this day, he’ll gladly give a free taste of any flavor just as long as you’re smiling.

I wanted to start my Italian Ices and Ice Cream business several times, but always hesitated. I thought “It’ll never taste as good as the idea.” Then I remembered that feeling I had as a boy in Brooklyn. The close-knit community, friends, family and fun. That’s the feeling I want to share with all of Citrus and Marion Counties in Florida, along with my Homemade Gourmet Italian Ices & Ice Cream.

The best things in life taste great. Louie G. learned this lesson from his family and by following it strictly, and using family proven recipes, the excellence of his ices and ice creams have been maintained over the years and endorsed by the establishment of over 45 franchises in eight separate states. And as the ever growing number of highly satisfied customers and the continuing happy success of our franchises attest, there’s no stopping a good, and mouth-watering, treat!  But don’t take our word for it, visit any of the stores for a free taste, and Feel Like A Kid Again!

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